Temple University's history begins in 1884, when a young working man asked 拉塞尔·康威尔 if he could tutor him at night. A well-known Philadelphia minister, 康威尔 quickly said yes. It wasn't long before he was teaching several dozen students—working people who could only attend class at night but had a strong desire to make something of themselves.

康威尔 recruited volunteer faculty to participate in the burgeoning night school, and in 1888 he received a charter of incorporation for “The Temple College.” His founding vision for the school was to provide superior educational opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students, regardless of their backgrounds or means.

The fledgling college continued to grow, adding programs and students throughout the following decades. 今天, Temple's more than 35,000 students continue to follow the university's official motto—Perseverantia Vincit, or “Perseverance Conquers”—with their supreme dedication to excellence in academics, 研究, 体育运动, the arts and more.

罗素H. 康威尔

Inspired by the legend of a prosperous farmer, 阿里·哈菲德, 康威尔 sowed the seeds of service during his lifetime as lawyer, minister and educator. Learn more about 罗素H. 康威尔.

Temple 传统

神庙“T”.猫头鹰. The 樱桃 and White. Learn more about Temple University's traditions.

Acres of Diamonds

"Acres of Diamonds" is 拉塞尔·康威尔's best-known speech, and the inspiration behind the Temple University mission. Learn more about "Acres of Diamonds."


Though 毕业典礼 is an annual event, we know it marks a major milestone in the lives of our graduates. With each year comes a new crop of talented and driven alumni, ready to effect change in all they do! Learn more about 毕业典礼.


Temple University has a rich tradition of awarding honorary degrees to outstanding leaders, 艺术家, 科学家们, journalists and professionals from all walks of life whose values and achievements exemplify the mission and ideals of the university. Learn more about 荣誉学位.