Whether you live on campus or commute each day, Temple offers thousands of courses to fit your schedule—from early mornings to evenings to weekends.


To help you plan in advance and organize your year, we have assembled all of our calendars and schedules into simple, 易于访问的页面. Find important dates and deadlines, as well as course and exam schedules.

The 校历 lists all of the important dates and deadlines you need to know for each semester.

The 课程表 provides you with simple pull-down menus that allow you to easily search for and select the classes you need each semester.

Most courses have final examinations at the end of the semester. The day and time of your course will determine when that exam is given.


View all undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses offered at Temple during the semester. This information is also available in TUportal when you register for classes.

本科公告 and Information

Temple provides a number of resources that can help keep you on track to graduation. 一路走来, you will take many courses that will broaden your horizons and stimulate your intellect.

The 本科公告 is your indispensable guide to all of Temple’s degree programs and the requirements necessary to complete your major. With this information and guidance from your academic advisors, you can map out your path to graduation.

General Education Program (GenEd)
College gives you the chance to acquire expertise in a specific field, but it also should help you develop a broad base of skills, 能力与知识. Temple’s General Education (GenEd) program serves as the university’s liberal-education requirements for undergraduates and provides a foundation for learning and development that will help you succeed academically and professionally.

Degree Auditing Reporting System (DARS)
DARS shows your course work to date—including transferred courses—and the academic requirements you need to complete a degree in your major field of study.

毕业生公告 and Information

Staying on track toward a graduate degree requires up-to-date information and resources. At every step along the way, Temple is committed to answering your questions and helping you reach your goal.

The 毕业生公告 provides specific information about the graduate programs offered at Temple and the requirements necessary to earn your degree.

研究生 School Information
There is a lot to think about when considering graduate school. Whether you are in the initial stages of considering schools or are currently enrolled in a degree program at Temple, you can find the answers to your questions here.

Temple’s graduate courses will challenge you academically and intellectually. An alphabetical listing provides you with a comprehensive review of our current offerings.

Those considering a postdoctoral fellowship at Temple can find relevant policies and a salary scale here.

政策 are a part of every academic program, from admission to graduation. All of Temple’s graduate school policies are conveniently gathered here for your review.